Business Support

Business solutions and development can encompass many different departments. As an organisation we are here to support succession planning, business improvement, grants and funding, bespoke training and a dimension of European and international development. Networking is high on our agenda and this incorporates negotiations, partnerships, and cost-savings methods to support your business. All these opportunities and activities should be aligned to your business plan and driven by your business development goals.

Working with Eureka Learning and Development has afforded our organisation to grow in the field of Work Placements and European Exchange programmes

Director, Luxol

Strategic Initiatives or Partnerships

To enter a new European or International market can be challenging for you as a company.    Eureka can assist you in developing effective European and international partnerships.  Working with our trusted partners in other countries will reduce the risk in taking your business forward.

Project Management Support

External, Tender or Grant aid funding opportunities can often cause organisation process difficulties. Allow us to remove some of these difficulties or obstacles that stand in your way from attracting new business. 

Cost Reductions and Support

Business Solutions is not just about increasing sales, products and market reach. Strategic decisions are also needed to improve the bottom line, which includes cost-cutting measures. Working with us gives you the opportunity to share best practice with local and international organisations.