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Does your businesses need employees with the right skills?


Apprentices will offer an insight into their experiences as part of Skills Development Scotland’s careers hub at this year’s Scottish Learning Festival.

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Modern Apprenticeships gives employers the opportunity to develop their workforce by training new staff, and upskilling existing employees with a benefit of productivity. For individuals, a Modern Apprenticeship is an employed opportunity which enables employees to earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification whilst they are working.

SDS each year, start over 25,000 people as Modern Apprentices – combining a qualification with on-the-job experience. This lets people work, learn and earn at the same time. SDS contribute towards the costs of their training, through a training provider who works with the business.

There are over 80 Modern Apprenticeship frameworks – from healthcare and financial services to construction and IT. These have been developed by sector skills councils, in consultation with their industry.

This means that MAs can build valuable work experience from day one and gain an accredited qualification which is recognised by industry. They’ll develop skills and expertise for their current and future jobs. Modern Apprenticeships are available at four different levels, some equivalent to a degree.